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The Holcim Group has specialized in cement and concrete for almost 100 years. Our track record of innovation in materials and processes enables us to help you design and build in situations where cost effectiveness, on-time delivery, durability, customized shapes and excellent finish are paramount. Not only can our solutions save you time and money, they also help you meet green building standards.

In Ottawa, Canada, our ‘Rapid Bridge Replacement Technology’ ensured the complete replacement of a highway bridge in just 51 hours, rather than the several months required by conventional construction methods.

We bring to every project expertise, with a focus on cost-effectiveness and sustainability. To help you realize your projects, our experts will advise you on the latest concrete and cement solutions, also in the context of what is possible under local construction practices. Our state of the art facilities will deliver the materials you specify to the highest standards, making use of some of the best available technologies.


  • The latest concrete and cement solutions
  • Expertise in special applications
  • Mix design management
  • Technical liaison and supervision
  • Knowledge of local construction practices
  • Adding value to the entire process: sustainability, cost-effectiveness and performance
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