Structural Concrete
Holcim Concrete produces quality ready mix concrete of all strength grades used in Metro Manila, including 10,000 psi. We can handle small and large orders. We have knowledgeable concrete engineers who can provide technical support and help solve your construction problems.

Industrial Housing Concrete
Industrial Housing Concrete can increase productivity in building projects that use modular formwork. It requires minimum vibration to attain full compaction, resists segregation even when pumped over long distances and under difficult conditions, and is easy to place and finish. We can save you money by reducing your labor cost and increasing forms turnover.

Road and Pavement Concrete
Our Road and Pavement Concrete are designed to meet AASHTO and DPWH requirements for strength, wear resistance and performance. We can produce higher early strength grades that will meet the target strengths earlier specified by the DPWH Blue Book.

High Strength Concrete
High Strength Concrete is used for tall buildings, structural members of bridges and flyovers, and prestressed and post-tensioned elements. By reducing the size of structural elements, HSC lowers steel cost, increases the usable floor area, and reduces the weight of the building and its foundation.

Special Applications
We can design special concretes for your construction project. With our experienced concrete engineers and access to the Holcim global know-how in cement, aggregates and concrete, we can develop innovative solutions for you - whether you need lightweight concrete, low heat mass concrete, flowable fill, high early strength concrete, self-compacting concrete or any other special concrete application.

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