Holcim strengthens commitment to Davao's progress

Leading building solutions provider Holcim Philippines, Inc. is committed to further increase its contribution to the development of Davao City by supplying key infrastructures, helping in waste management, and implementing social programs for the community.

Holcim Davao Plant Manager Naldy Pepito: “Our operations in Davao are a strong example of our commitment to be a partner in building progress. We are proud and privileged to be able to provide essential materials that advance development, create jobs, and contribute taxes that fund government programs. With our Geocycle operations, we can further support Davao’s sustainable development by providing a waste management solution while reducing consumption of natural resources in our operations.”  

Holcim Philippines has supplied cement for many of the city’s iconic and important structures for development, the most recent of which are the Davao Coastal Road and Bypass Tunnel. The company is also ready to support other big-ticket government projects as well as the expansion of residential and commercial spaces in Davao with its range of high-performance blended cements several of which were first introduced in the city such as road infrastructure cement Holcim Solido and water-repellent cement Holcim Aqua-X.  

Waste management is another challenge related to urbanization that Holcim Philippines is ready to help Davao with. Last September, the company and its waste management unit Geocycle agreed to convert the wastes generated by Barangay Panacan in Bunawan District into low-carbon fuels in making cement. Holcim Philippines and Geocycle have co-processed around 600 kilos of plastic wastes from Barangay Panacan last 2022. Geocycle is looking to further expand this partnership in the area with a training on waste management conducted for Barangays Ilang, Tibungco, Bunawan and Mudiang held on April 11.

Holcim Philippines’ commitment to Davao’s development is further seen in its tax payments and social responsibility programs. During the Araw ng Dabaw celebrations in March, the company was recognized by the local government for the 10th-straight year as among the city’s top taxpayers.

Aside from this, the company has spent more than Php 20 million on its Holcim HELPS program since 2018 which has benefited over 350,000 individuals from neighboring communities with projects for the environment, health, education and infrastructures.