Holcim sustainability drive leads to water consumption efficiency, savings

Leading building solutions provider Holcim Philippines, Inc. has reduced freshwater withdrawals by 64% since 2018 as the company continues efficiency initiatives to lessen the environmental footprint of operations and safeguard water resources of host communities. 

The company's better performance in using this resource was driven by improvements to its water recycling facilities to cool equipment, installation of rainwater harvesting structures, and digitalization of monitoring and control tools for greater efficiency. Aside from lowering the company’s freshwater withdrawals, these initiatives generated Php 35 million in savings in 2022.

Holcim Philippines President and CEO Horia Adrian: “Conserving and safeguarding water is part of our greater sustainability ambition to make our business more respectful of the environment and uplifting to our communities. We are committed to further accelerate our initiatives to drive efficiency gains for business, communities, and the environment.”

Holcim Philippines improvements were led by its plant in Norzagaray, Bulacan which accounts for half of its water withdrawals. Investments are continuing to further improve efficiency in using water with plans to scale up water harvesting facilities across its sites including a solar-powered pump in Bulacan and digitalization of monitoring and control equipment. 

These initiatives are part of Holcim Philippines’ program to significantly reduce freshwater withdrawal in producing cement and contribute to communities’ water needs by 2030. The company set this as a sustainability target in recognition of the country’s challenges in water access which impacts the health and wellness of communities.

Holcim Philippines is implementing a water replenishment program focused on watershed protection and restoration, productive use, and access and sanitation. Strategic partnerships with communities and local government units in water-risk areas have been established to allow the company to serve their local needs and maximize watershed improvement. To support this, Holcim Philippines follows robust policies and standards aimed at protecting and conserving water resources.