Holcim relaunches road cement Solido with enhanced strength, durability

Leading building solutions provider Holcim Philippines has enhanced its innovative road infrastructure cement Solido to make concrete stronger and more durable and support partners in delivering high-quality projects.

First introduced in Davao in 2018, Solido has become a strong alternative to ordinary portland cement (OPC) for road building given its performance advantages. Holcim Philippines has further improved the product to develop high-early strength required for road projects. Solido also exceeds the construction industry’s compressive strength standards for the 28-day mark and continues to grow stronger compared with OPC.

Furthermore, Solido’s formulation is further improved to emit less heat when hydrated to prevent thermal cracks that erode a concrete structure’s durability. This unique attribute makes it ideal for mass concrete pours where the rate of temperature rise and the maximum temperature achieved must be controlled to reduce the risk of thermal cracking.

Holcim Philippines President and CEO Horia Adrian: “The enhanced Solido is aligned with our commitment to create great value to our customers through innovative building solutions that enable them to deliver high-quality projects. We are confident that our partners will find the improved Solido as the superior option in building essential road infrastructures in the country.” 

Solido also outperforms OPC when it comes to the environment as it is produced with a lower carbon footprint and virgin natural resources. Solido is part of Holcim Philippines accelerating efforts to provide the market low-carbon building solutions to support sustainable construction. 

Since 2018, Holcim Philippines has reduced its carbon footprint by more than 20% by producing more blended cements, replacing coal with qualified wastes as alternative fuels and raw materials, and improving efficiency of operations. The company’s carbon footprint reduction program is aligned with the Holcim Group’s net zero direction and the country’s Nationally Determined Contributions. Aside from its own initiatives, Holcim Philippines is working with key stakeholders to encourage the consumption of low-carbon products to help reduce the footprint of the built environment.