Holcim launches Philippines’ first water repellent cement



Leading building solutions provider Holcim Philippines, Inc. launched in March the country’s first ever water repellent cement in response to customers’ demand for a product that can help protect structures against excess moisture.

Called Holcim Aqua X, the new product is designed to protect structures such as homes from damage and deterioration caused by water. The Company developed Holcim Aqua X after a study that showed 70% of homeowners and contractors identified water protection as an important consideration in projects.

Concrete walls and foundations with poor protection are prone to cracks after steel rebars rust and expand as water seeps in. Painted walls may also develop imperfections due to water seepage. Unaddressed, these can cause serious damage to a structure.

Holcim Aqua X contains Active Water Repellent Boosters that prevents such damage. These make it easier to build water-resistant structures compared with current practices, where builders apply a repellent on walls or include a water-proofing compound to the concrete mix.

Holcim Philippines President and CEO Horia Adrian: “This new product shows our great advantage in developing exciting products. It also shows that we listen to our customers to understand what they need so we can develop these innovative products that help them build better.”

Aside from showcasing Holcim Philippines’ strength in innovation, Holcim Aqua X supports the company’s commitment to keep its business respectful of the environment.

“Being a blended cement, Holcim Aqua X is more environment-friendly than others in the market because it uses less clinker thus having lower carbon footprint. This continues our proud legacy of introducing sustainable products that deliver superior performance,” added Adrian.

The new product was launched to key customers in Davao last March and will be available throughout Mindanao by the end of the year. Holcim Aqua X is the latest product the company has launched as it steps up the roll out of specialized construction solutions that address specific needs of builders in the country.

In 2019, the company introduced road infrastructure cement Holcim Solido as an alternative to ordinary Portland cement. Due to its durability and performance advantage, Holcim Solido has become a significant part of the company’s product mix.  Holcim Philippines followed this up last year with Holcim Multifix, an easy-to-use and multipurpose mortar product that can help contractors and masons improve the quality of walls, floors, and tile installation in their building projects.