Holcim Philippines statement on possible waste importation ban


In line with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources’ (DENR) plan to impose a ban on waste importation, Holcim Philippines is ready to cooperate and provide more information and clarity on processed engineered fuels (PEF), which the Environment Management Bureau stated conforms with the DENR Administrative Order 2010-06: Guidelines on the Use of Alternative Fuels and Raw Materials in Cement Kilns.

Currently, there is a lack of available locally produced PEF that resulted to Holcim Philippines’ decision to source from abroad. Our company only started using imported PEF last year and it only accounts for less than 5% of our alternative fuel consumption. If the DENR pushes through with this new policy, our company will stop importing these as part of our commitment to compliance with government regulations. 

Still, Holcim Philippines looks forward to working with stakeholders on studying possible local PEF production facilities to provide an alternative fuel to cement manufacturers that helps reduce carbon emissions and address the country's waste management challenges.