A concrete solution for more savings


“We saved 15% of our structural cost with the help of Holcim” recalls Mr. Alfred Xerez-Burgos, Jr., Landco Pacific Corp., Vice Chairman and Executive Director.

This was made possible when the supplier, contractor and developer agreed to put a premium on quality, apart from just the price.

 The engineering experts of ASEC Construction and Development Corporation, Landco’s contractor approached Jose Antonio “Joby” Xerez-Burgos, Landco VP for Technical Services, with a proposition–to use Holcim cement in the construction of Landco’s latest urban residential property, the Tribeca Private Residences Towers 3 and 4.

According to Joby, ASEC’s proposal which involved Holcim’s value engineering solutions was too good to pass up.

Value engineering leads to a high value product

“Value engineering improves value by either increasing the function or decreasing cost. The engineering solutions provided by ASEC and Holcim achieved both.” VP Xerez-Burgos said.

He also added, “ASEC changed our minds, by showing us conceptually how to attack the problem. They convinced us that by using Holcim 4X we can cut our need for steel.”

Holcim changed the paradigm, by focusing on high-quality cement to provide the building’s strength instead of relying on expensive steel.

When ASEC’s structural designers conducted tests on the Tribeca towers they reported around 2,000- 3,000 psi difference in compressive strength of the concrete.

“Holcim 4X cement makes buildings stronger at a lower cost since less steel is required. This is how we generate savings even as we increase value,” explained VP Xerez-Burgos.

Holcim 4X delivers optimum strength and performance

In constructing Landco’s Tribeca towers 3 and 4, ASEC depended on Holcim to deliver not only the pre-mixed, high quality Holcim 4X cement. More importantly, ASEC needed Holcim’s reliability as a supplier.

VP Xerez-Burgos explained, “We gave Holcim our full trust, and so far, it has delivered high quality results that yielded strength beyond our expectations. Whenever we tested the performance of Holcim 4X concrete, the results have always been impressive.”

Landco has defined leisure and resort-style residences for almost two decades now. It is poised to build on these successes, but this time focusing on creating urban living spaces.

With the help of  ASEC and Holcim, the high-end market can expect high-quality real estate developments that provide lasting value for generations to come. 

Holcim 4X is an ASTM C 150 high performance Portland cement specially formulated for ready mix concrete applications.

Contractors prefer Holcim 4X because of its high compressive strength, high workability, and compatibility with commonly available concrete admixtures.

Developers choose Holcim 4X for general construction that requires optimized concrete mix designs and fast construction cycles.

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