Holcim Philippines cited anew for ecological performance


For promoting sound environmental practices that significantly contributed to its business sustainability, leading cement maker Holcim Philippines was awarded the Excellence in Economy and Ecology (E3) Award for large enterprises by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI).

The PCCI cited Holcim Philippines for implementing pioneering and innovative programs and systems that help the company achieve its business goals and manage the impact of its operations on the environment. The company received the award during the 39th Philippine Business Conference and Expo at the Manila Hotel on Oct. 24.

Holcim Philippines Chief Executive Officer Ed Sahagun thanked the PCCI for the citation.

“We are very honored for getting this recognition.  This shows that businesses are not just helping in growing the economy, but are also striving to become better stewards of the environment. This will further motivate us to pursue our vision to help build the foundation for society’s future through sustainable mining and manufacturing practices,” he said.

In its entry, Holcim Philippines highlighted its accomplishments in quarry rehabilitation, air quality preservation, energy efficiency, water conservation, solid waste minimization, and green house gas accounting.

Holcim Philippines shared that it had partnered with its communities for quarry rehabilitation, and has planted more than a million trees over 1,400 hectares as of December 2012. The cement manufacturer further explained that it has lowered dust emissions in its plants well below the limit set by the Clean Air Act through investments in filtering equipment and monitoring systems. The company also noted its reduced use of traditional fuels that has led to an 11.6% drop in carbon dioxide emissions per ton of cement from 1990 levels. Its energy efficiency drive has also helped in waste management, as the company has taken in hundreds of tons of municipal solid wastes and industrial wastes in 2012 alone for co-processing in its kilns.

The company said that aside from helping fulfill its commitment to manage the environmental impact of operations and give back to the community, it pushed through with the initiatives due to clear business benefits such as reduced production costs and good relationships with stakeholders.

In 2011, Holcim Philippines received a special citation from PCCI for its contribution to waste management by co-processing qualified wastes in its kilns and its extensive watershed management and biodiversity projects.

According to the PCCI website, the E3 Award seeks to recognize enterprises that have demonstrated the most innovative and outstanding environmental performance. It recognizes companies that show improving environmental performance translates to improvement in business performance and sustainability.