Waterproofing essential to home maintenance in tropical PH


Waterproofing is important in maintaining homes in tropical Philippines, which regularly experiences heavy volume of rainfall. Whether your home is newly built, recently renovated or has been around for decades, waterproofing is important to its upkeep.

“Waterproofing your home is essential to maintaining its value,” said Holcim Philippines Commercial Vice President William Sumalinog. “The damage from water penetration also leads to higher maintenance expenses from paint work, furniture fixes and manpower.”

Bearing this in mind, Holcim Philippines—one of the leading construction solutions companies in the Philippines—has developed Holcim Concrete Waterproofing to address possible water leakage woes all over your home.

Holcim Concrete Waterproofing is formulated using the highest quality of Holcim cement, special polymer modifiers and chemical admixtures. The product may be used for waterproofing a variety of surfaces from roof decks to basement walls and even swimming pools and bathrooms. It only takes a layer of a few millimeters thick to provide long-lasting protection against water seepage and penetration.

To properly use the Holcim Concrete Waterproofing, first finish all the concrete repairs and ensure that surfaces are clean and free from contaminants. Then, seal cracks, holes and joints using a fast-setting hydraulic cement material.

Afterwards, in a mixing pail with 1.5 liters of clean water gradually add a bucket of 4.5-kilogram of Holcim Concrete Waterproofing (1 kg. of Holcim Concrete Waterproofing per 330 ml water). Mix until a slurry pasty consistency is attained. Always dampen concrete surfaces before application to prevent the mixture from drying out prematurely.

Then use a stiff brush or trowel to apply over pre-dampened surfaces. The thickness of the coat should be about 1.0 to 2.0mm. For plaster applications such as floors, bathrooms, basements or roof decks, it is best to use a steel trowel to ensure optimum performance.

Allow it to harden for about six hours; dampen as necessary before applying the second coat. To ensure maximum coverage, apply the second coat on the right to the first coat. A third coat may be required depending on waterproofing requirement.

The Holcim Concrete Waterproofing is available in a 4.5-kg. plastic pail and a 25-kg. self-sealing multi-ply paper bag with polyethylene plastic liner. The product has a shelf life of one year from date of manufacture. 

“It is important to be mindful of the basic requirements that will ensure your home always stands at its best,” Sumalinog said. “When planning to build a house or renovating the old one, make sure to include waterproofing as part of your checklist to prevent wear and tear.”