Holcim Philippines expands building solutions with concrete block adhesive



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Leading building solutions provider Holcim Philippines, Inc. continues to expand its product portfolio in line with its sustainability and innovation direction with the launch of a concrete block adhesive for building walls faster and with less material.

Holcim AAC Block Adhesive is used for laying all types of AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete), bricks and various types of cement blocks in the market. The adhesive is designed to durably bond blocks with optimum adhesive strength. It is made from cement, well-graded fillers, and specialized polymer.

Holcim AAC Block Adhesive is part of the company’s product offering for building better walls. Holcim Philippines developed the new material in response to the growing use of AAC blocks for wall building because of the ease in installing and plastering compared with conventional hollow blocks.

With Holcim AAC Block Adhesive, builders may reduce mortar use for block laying by up to 75%. The new product also has high polymer content which leads to stronger bond between blocks and minimizes shrinkage cracking at joints. Furthermore, Holcim AAC Block Adhesive is factory-mixed ensuring a more consistent quality compared with mortars manually prepared at construction sites.

Senior Vice President for Marketing and Innovation Ram Maganti: “Holcim AAC Block Adhesive is the third new product our company has released this year is in line with our goal to help partners build smarter and greener. This new product makes it easier for customer to build high-quality walls and reduces their use of construction materials compared with conventional methods. We are excited to make this more widely available and introduce more innovative building solutions that are good for our customers and the environment.”

Holcim AAC Block Adhesive is the third new building solution that Holcim Philippines has launched in 2021 after multipurpose mortar Holcim Multifix and water-repellent cement Holcim Aqua-X in January and April, respectively.