Holcim building solutions helping construction boom in Philippines


Aside from providing reliable cement supply, leading cement maker Holcim Philippines is committed to continue rolling out innovative building solutions to help the country amid the construction boom as partners use these materials to better execute their projects.

Holcim Philippines’ latest offering is its high-performance blended cement brand Solido, which is designed as a better alternative for infrastructure building to the commonly used ordinary Portland cement. Designed to provide concrete with higher strength and durability as well as better workability for faster and easier application, Holcim Solido has been positively accepted by the company’s clients nationwide since its launch in March.

Partners also approve of Holcim Solido for being a more environmentally friendly option since it is produced with lower emissions. Moreover, the innovative product design of Solido enables Holcim Philippines to extend its cement volumes and improve its ability to supply the strong construction activity in the country.

Another Holcim product that is well-received by the market is the Superfast-Crete (SFCrete), a one-day concrete technology for quick road repairs in highly-urban areas. As of December 2018, SFCrete has been used to re-block several sections of the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue and other major thoroughfares in Metro Manila. With SFCrete, roads are passable in 24 hours or less thus preventing commuter inconvenience from prolonged closure related to repairs. The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) approved the use of SFCrete for road projects in December 2016 under Department Order 235.

Holcim Philippines is also currently working to get DPWH accreditation for government projects to use its soil stabilization technology which improves the suitability of ground where roads will be built. The better soil condition can help these projects avoid durability issues and project delays related with inclement weather, scarcity of quality aggregates and transportation of more suitable soil.

Holcim Philippines Senior Vice President for Sales William Sumalinog said the roll out of these solutions together with the company’s commitment to provide reliable cement supply reflect of its intent to continue being a  partner for the country’s progress.

“As a member of the LafargeHolcim Group, Holcim Philippines has access to a wide range of proven construction solutions to help builders all over the world. We believe that by providing our expertise to our local builders, we can help them build better, faster, and more durable roads and structures,” added Sumalinog.

In the coming months, Holcim Philippines will hold a series of engagements with key partners in the public and private sectors to explain to them the advantages of its building solutions and better understand how else the company can help them in their projects.